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Natural Sweet 

Natural Source

Natural Taste

Fructose is a sweetener which is obtained from  Nature 

No extra Chemicals, No High tech Labs, No GMO Science is necessary to reach this Historical sweetness.

Just Nature

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Fructose in Nature

Fructose is the most common sugar derivative monosaccharide found after Glucose, which is our most important energy source in nature.

Fructose is can be obtained in nature from

- Honey

- Apple

- Molasses

- Pear

- Artichoke

- Dandelion

- Celery

It is absolutely in its natural form in this Products. Although it is appetite-enhancing feature causes controversy, it is not harmful to the body when consumed in a balanced way as any other Nutrition in the World.

Equal Energy value: 4 Kcal/gr (Same as Crystal regular Sugar and Glucose)

Very Low Glycemic index value: 25

(Crystal Granulated Sugar: 65, Glucose: 100)


Very Low Fermentation Rate and Water activity ( at least 50% lower than normal sugar ).

It can be preferred especially in Frozen products due to its effect on freezing temperature.




Dry Matter 

100 Bx - 79 Bx  - 71 Bx

Fructose Percentage

% 100-90-85-55 on Dry S.


Krsital Powder and Liquid

Shelf life

Dependent on Dry matter 6 months up to 2 years


Bulk,1000 kg Dry BigBag

Bulk,1350 kg Liquid IBC , 280 kg Steel Drums

Fructose / Glucose


Adapt your product

Find your natural product that is the most physically and chemically compatible and substitute for your final product under laboratory conditions.

Cost optimization

Sweeten your product in accordance with its natural state with a more affordable cost

Enhance your Shelf life

Increase shelf life and sweetness by controlling the crystallization and water activity of your Native End Product

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